WWCF 2020


Since 2015, World Water Cities Forum has been serving as an exclusive platform for city leaders and water experts to discuss water-related issues and solutions for each city and share best practices and policies related to water management. It is a forum for discussing the way to utilize water management and water technology/water industry development as a tool for creating attractive, livable, resilient and prosperous city. All participants have gained new insights into the successful implementation of water policies, how to engage stakeholders and how to collaborate with participating cities.

World Water Cities Forum 2020 (WWCF 2020) will be held in Daegu, Korea from 22-23 Sep 2020. As one of the main events of the Korea International Water Week and IWRA’s XVII World Water Congress, WWCF 2020 will serve as an exclusive platform for Mayors and water experts of cities to identify water-related problems, co-create solutions and jointly track progress.

Cities are innovating and collaborating with each other to offer comfortable and secure habitats to their citizens, where social inclusion, creativity and culture flourish. WWCF 2020’s Mayors WINS (Water Innovation Network for SDGs) for Cities represents small and medium sized cities that are at the forefront of inclusive policy innovation to fulfil the rights of their citizens to water and sanitation. These cities have implemented policies that have successfully managed the risks of too much, too little or too polluted water.

Mayor WINS will collaborate closely with their citizens, paying particular attention to the voices of the vulnerable and marginalized communities, to identify problems, co-create solutions and jointly track progress in the area of water and sanitation. Through the establishment of the Network of small-to-medium cities, Mayors and administrators will have the opportunity to learn from one another, exchange experiences and develop innovative solutions to the water challenges of today and tomorrow.

Date 22-23 Sep 2020
Venue EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Host Daegu Metropolitan City
Participants City Mayors, representatives of city governments, water professionals of international water organizations
  • A. To create Mayors WINS (Water Innovation Network for SDGs) for Cities to identify water-related problems of cities, co-create solutions and jointly track progress
  • B. To establish a collaborative platform where various knowledge, skills and policies are exchanged to facilitate the achievement of SDG 6
  • C. To share smart integrated water management technology and policy cases to enhance water security and resilience
  • D. To build a strong global cooperation system for industry, academia, research, government, and the public for integrated water management, taking into account the need to address socio-economic challenges and ensure that no one is left behind

<World Water Cities Forum 2020 Tentative Program> : Sep 22nd 2020

Time (Venue) Program Details
16:00~16:20 5’ Opening Opening
5’ Welcoming Remarks
10’ Keynote Speech
16:20~16:55 10’ Water Challenge
Session I
Presentation of water challenge I
15’ Solutions to the water challenge I
15’ Discussion on solutions and implementation plans
16:55~17:05 20’ Break
17:05~18:00 10’ Water Challenge
Session II
Presentation of water challenge II
15’ Solutions to the water challenge II
15’ Discussion on solutions and implementation plans
20’ Organizing implementation plans and collaboration plans, Closing