WWCF 2021


Title World Water Cities Forum 2021 (WWCF 2021)
Date 30 November – 1 December 2021
Venue EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Host Daegu Metropolitan City
Participants City Mayors, representatives of city governments, water professionals of international water organizations
  • A. To identify water related problems of cities, co-create solutions and jointly track progress
  • B. To establish a collaborative platform where various knowledge, skills and policies are exchanged to facilitate the achievement of SDG 6
  • C. To share smart integrated water management technology and policy cases to enhance water security and resilience
  • D. To build a strong global cooperation system for industry, academia, research, government, and the public for integrated water management, taking into account the need to address socio-economic challenges and ensure that no one is left behind

<World Water Cities Forum 2020 Tentative Program> : Sep 22nd 2020