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Water ChallengesRegistered Water Challenges

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Register your city’s water challenge and vote for the two most pressing water issues.
Solutions to the two shortlisted water challenges and their implementation plans will be further discussed at the WWCF 2021.

[Mikkeli, Finland] Urban runoffs and effluents to the drainage basin & Educating and recruiting young professionals in the water sector  0
[Bangkok, Thailand] Ensuring access to safe water through proper water tank management  0
[Shaoxing, China] Seeking comprehensive and innovative strategies for the management and restoration of plain river ecology  0
[Bogota, Colombia] Implementing the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and taking the lead in the drinking water and sanitation sector  0
[Orange County, USA] Securing a resilient, reliable, and affordable water supply through the implementation of various programs under the theme of sustainability  0