WWCF 2023


WWCF 2023Introduction

Dec, 7(Thur), 2023
#325, EXCO, Daegu, Republic of Korea
Daegu Metropolitan City
Invited Cities / Organizations

11 cities in 12 Countries , 2 Organizations

Daegu(Rep. of Korea), Lahore(Pakistan), Almaty(Kazakhstan), Manila(Philippines), Taipei(Taiwan), Vientiane(Lao PDR), Ho Chi Minh(Vietnam), Bandung(Indonesia), Catalonia(Spain), Mikkeli(Finland), Batam(Indonesia), Institute of Mediterranean Water (IME), Turkish Water Institute (SUEN)
Cooperation and Innovation between Water Cities Participants Government Officials, Water Specialists and Academics


  • To help developing cities and countries who are suffering from water challenges by providing real solutions
  • To provide policy and technical suggestions for tackling a wide range of urban water challenges, including water supply, wastewater treatment, rainwater management, and water reuse and recycling, in response to climate change
  • To explore a variety of policy and technical options reflecting the nexus between water, food, energy, health, and education
  • To enhance awareness and share up-to-date information on the three cross-cutting issues of urban water management – Innovation, Finance, and Governance
  • To consider practical solutions for urban areas in developing countries which are under heavy pressure of the complexity of water challenges


Theme Partner cities
“Response to the Climate Crisis”: Urban Water Disaster Mitigation, Risk Reduction and IWRM

* Associated with the Sub-theme of the 10th World Water Forum ‘Disaster Risk Reduction and Management 3D. Climate-smart, sustainable, and improved resilience of water infrastructure

  • Lahore, Pakistan
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Taipei, Taiwan
(Moderator) Alain Meyssonnier (President, IME): President of the Institute of Mediterranean Water
“Smart Water Management”: Application of AI for creating sustainable, resilient Water Ecosystems
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Vientiane, Lao PDR
  • Bandung, Indonesia
  • Cases (Prof. Jung)
(Moderator) Jinyoung Jung (Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Yeungnam University)
“City to City Learning”: Experiences & Knowledge Sharing to Improve the Water Environment

* Using BCI
* Associated with the sub-theme of the 10th World Water Forum ‘Water for Humans and Nature, Topic 2a: Water Quality Improvement

  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Mikkeli, Finland
  • Daegu, Rep. of Korea
  • Batam, Indonesia
(Moderator) Ahmet M. Saatci (Advisor to SUEN and State Hydraulic Works of Turkey, Former President, SUEN (Turkish Water Institute)