WWCF 2021

World Water Cities Forum 2017

WWCF 2021World Water Cities Forum 2017

20-21 September 2017
HICO 300C, Gyeongju City, South Korea
Cities & Water for Sustainable Development
Daegu Metropolitan City
300 representatives and water professionals of 11 cities of 3 international water organizations (Daegu, Fryslân, Jakarta, MWSS of Metropolitan Manila, Milwaukee, Aqua Valley of Montpellier, Orange County, Taipei, Yixing, Yokohama, MWA of Bangkok, Global Water Partnership, International Water Association, Water Environment Federation)

Day 1
  • Keynote Speech by Dr. Jerome Delli Priscoli, Chair of the Global Water Partnership
  • Water Cities Roundtable
  • Adoption of “World Water Cities Cooperation Declaration”
  • Presentation Session I: Successful Water Management Policies and Innovative Solutions to Urban Water Challenges
  • Presentation Session II: Enhancing Collaboration & Governance for Sustainable Water Management and Water Industry Development
  • Panel Discussion: Sustainable Water & Future through Collaboration between Cities and Various Stakeholders

Day 2
  • Daegu cultural tour and site visits
  • Hanhak-Chon Village at Keimyung University → Seomun Market → Chung-ra Hill (Jeil Church) → Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine → Jisan Wastewater Treatment Plant → Welcome Dinner
As a gathering of city/province leaders and water professionals, the WWCF 2017 highlighted common water-related challenges and facilitate the discussion on how to manage and utilize water as an instrument to make a city an attractive, livable and resilient place and how to strengthen collaboration among the stakeholders. Representatives of cities and province adopted the World Water Cities Cooperation Declaration, agreeing to make efforts to find joint projects and seek solutions to water problems, encourage technical exchanges and collaborative projects. The forum also offered an unprecedented networking opportunity to interact among the participants.